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Remote Controlled Stump Grinders - The Future of the Industry

Wireless Controller

24Ghz Wireless Controller

Digital Transmission Interference Free

JP Carlton pioneered the first wired (tethered) remote controlled stump grinder. It was only a few years later that this ground breaking technology was developed into the first wireless remote controlled stump grinder

With over forty years of experience in Australia, Red Roo is proud to represent JP Carlton a proven industry leader with this technology. This feature is a must for your next stump grinder. For more information, please view our videos

"Stay Out of the Dirt, Dust and Debris"

Featured Products from the Red Roo range of Stump Grinders

SG30 Stump Grinder  

SG30TRX Stump Grinder

The new all hydraulic SG30TRX is powered by a 31hp (23kw) Briggs and Stratton V Twin Vanguard engine. This all terrain dedicated track stumpgrinder allows  joystick controlled operation of the stumpgrinding head. The SG30TRX will cut an arc that is 1.2m (47") wide, 356mm (14'") deep and 864mm (34") high.


SP5014TRX Stump Grinder

The SP5014TRX series is an all terrain,dedicated, track propelled stumpgrinder designed to deliver maximum cutting power in hard to reach areas and is wireless remote. This unit is available with a variety of different engine options, and will cut an arc that is 1.27m (50") wide, 356mm (14") deep and 1 metre (36") high.

  SP5014TRX Petrol

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